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Helping Students Study Abroad With FLYTE

studentsamsterdamTravel is definately the best education. Seeing the world out of your tiny box that you live in or grow up in is an absolute must. Most families cannot afford to send their kids to study abroad. This is where programs such as FLYTE (Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education) comes in.

FLYTE provides financial assistance to young people who don’t have the means to travel overseas for school.
FLYTE which stands for Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education gives disadvantaged kids the opportunity to travel and learn.

The creator of this program writes that Travel is a life changing experience and when you explore the world, you get a better sense of the people who inhabit it. Opening yourself up to new experiences can have a powerful impact on you and help you figure out who you are and what you want to be. He’s been experiencing that impact for 10 years and travel has shaped his life and given him purpose.

He did not travel when he was younger but he writes “but as an adult I’ve worked to have the means to do so on my own. Not everyone gets a chance to travel the world or has a family that can take them on a trip, so I want to bring the power of travel to kids who might not otherwise get chance to travel abroad. I want to broaden their horizons and help them see what a big world is out there.”

Travel definitely changes peoples lives for the better. You know once you get past all the obstacles of TSA and the petty little things but those are learning experiences as well. You learn a lot about government and politics. *shrugs*
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