Supportive And Learning Tools for College Students

Being a student has never been easy, but let’s admit it: technology really helps a lot.
With the advent of smartphones and tablet computers, we can take notes, read books and study anywhere, anytime.
Who needs to lug tons of books around? All you need is a laptop bag or an eReader case to carry your electronic devices.

There are, then, the so-called apps, which have become popular thanks to Apple and its best-selling product: the iPhone.
Other brands are trying to keep up with Apple, which is why many apps are compatible with several operating systems.
Let us take a look at the most useful learning tools for college students.

Evernote: The revolutionary note-taking method

Evernote allows students to take notes, adding voice, photos, tags and information such as location. It even enables you to share notes with your college mates.
Evernote comes with the Evernote trunk, a feature that includes a number of learning tools aimed at helping college students excel during lessons.
The application is compatible with Apple’s products (the iPhone and iPad), Android’s devices, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile OS.

Wikipanion: Say goodbye to textbooks

Wikipanion allows you to access open source information just like Wikipedia. Needless to say it is a real must-have for any college students and among the most useful learning tools you may find out there. Wikipanion grants you access to content on any topic. The only problem is that it is supported only by iPhones.

GoDocs: the application you need manage your documents

GoDocs allows you to download, view and send Google documents from your iPad or iPhone. The app costs 3.99$. As good as this app may be, it does not allow you to edit documents, which may be a problem when it comes to modifying essays and case studies.
It is compatible with Apple’s products only.

Cliqset: Stay in touch with your professors and friends
Cliqset lets you keep tack of your streams on Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and other 70 popular social networks which you may use to keep in touch with your professors. This amazing application can be used by iPhone owners only.

MyHomework: an efficient digital planner

This app helps you keep track of your assignments so you do not miss a deadline. My Homework has been designed for students to submit their essays on time and reminds them when a deadline is approaching. Moreover, it notifies students when they have upcoming assignments. This app is a great alternative to your old paper planner. It can be benefited from by iPhone users only.

Rate My Profs: protect yourself from bad professors

Rate my Profs is a website where students can comment about their professors. You will find over 10 million comments and feedbacks on 1 million professors, so you know which ones you had better stay away from. The app can be download for free and is compatible with the iPhone.


There are dozens of eReaders on the market nowadays. The most popular is the Kindle, which however supports only a limited number of colors, ranging from black to white. The latest eBook readers, on the other hand, feature full color displays that allow college students to view images while reading, which is great for those who have a photographic memory.
eReaders are excellent learning tools for college students as there is huge amount of eBooks available on-line, so students may replace their old textbooks with digital eBooks.

Sleep Cycle: Keep track of your sleep schedule.

Sleep Cycle can not do much for you if you suffer from insomnia, but it can function as an alarm clock that helps you feel relaxed by waking you up when you enter your light sleep phase. It is compatible with the iPhone.